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Established in December 2020, we are proud to finally be able to open for the first time after the Covid lockdown and bring a brand new fitness facility to Yaxley, Peterborough.

We specialise in Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning Group Fitness Circuit Training for both adults and juniors (5+).

Our group class programming caters for all levels of ability!

Whether your a complete beginner and just starting your fitness or Martial Arts journey, or your a seasoned MMA or Muay Thai professional looking to be pushed to the highest level and beyond then this is the facility for you.

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Meet AJ

Meet the Kingdom's Owner


Im AJ, the owner and founder of Kingdom Fitness & Martial Arts.

I have been in the fitness industry for over 13 years now. Im also a professional MMA, K1 and Muay Thai fighter and one of Europes most experienced MMA referees.

This creation is my idea of the ultimate group class, personal training and martial arts studio all rolled into one.

No expense has been spared with selecting the best equipment needed for the benefit of all our members.

We welcome both juniors (5+) and adults of all abilities to our facility.

Check out our memberships for more information.Both monthly & PAYG options available.


Do you just do Martial Arts?

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ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! We are first and foremost a group fitness and personal training facility. We are very proud of both our adults and junior mma programme however we cater for everyone no matter what your goal is.

Am I too old or too unfit to do your classes?

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You are only as old as you feel, and any progress is more progress than the person sat at home on the couch right?

All of our classes whether it be the fitness, MMA or Kickboxing, is catered go accommodate all levels of ability.

Do you offer memberships or pay as you go?

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We offer both. Our memberships are fairly priced and you get alot for your money. Our memberships are also non contract as we believe that if people love what we offer they will stay. We also offer pay as you go for classes.

do you have to be a fighter to join the mma/Kickboxing Classes

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Absolutely not. Over 75% of our class members don't want to compete and just love the training. We have complete beginners training alongside experienced team members every session.